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Locomotion through reconfiguration - Sequence F

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This video show locomotion through connection and disconnection on a flat surface, for a single Roombots (RB) module. It locomotes from its initial position (I) to its goal position (F) using a sequence of motor primitives (MP). An RB module is equipped with two active connection mechanism (ACM), they are integrated into its hemispheres (H0 in ACM0 and H3 ACM3).

A single RB "step" consists of the following sub-moves:
1) The RB module swivels its "foot" joint until it is parallel on the ground
2) Connection and disconnection sequence: the non-connected ACM becomes connected to the ground, and the connected ACM becomes disconnected.
3) The RB module swivels its orientation upwards into the vertical: the two outer RB hemisphere become switched.