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This page contains the database of possible research projects for master and bachelor students in the Biorobotics Laboratory (BioRob). Visiting students are also welcome to join BioRob, but it should be noted that no funding is offered for those projects. To enroll for a project, please directly contact one of the assistants (directly in his/her office, by phone or by mail). Spontaneous propositions for projects are also welcome, if they are related to the research topics of BioRob, see the BioRob Research pages and the results of previous student projects.

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Amphibious robotics
Computational Neuroscience
Dynamical systems
Human-exoskeleton dynamics and control
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Neuro-muscular modelling
Quadruped robotics

Quadruped robotics

A small excerpt of possible projects is listed here. Highly interested students may also propose projects, or continue an existing topic.

697 – Teaching a Robot Dog New Tricks
Category:semester project, master project (full-time), internship
Keywords:C++, Computer Science, Control, Learning, Programming, Python, Quadruped Locomotion, Vision
Type:20% theory, 20% hardware, 60% software
Responsible: (MED 1 1024, phone: 37506)
Description:As robots become more prevalent in human society, the number of interactions will increase and good communication will be critical for successful human-machine collaboration. In this project, the student will develop a framework for human-robot interaction using both visual and audio feedback. Given a set of user-defined "tricks" (i.e. lie down, turn around, move left), how can we instruct the robot to perform a particular task? Can we also teach the robot a new task it currently does not know how to do? Communication will be done using both a camera mounted on the robot, as well as with a microphone. The three important tasks are 1) developing the motion library, 2) developing the visual interface to human activity recognition software to map to the motion library, 3) developing the voice command interface. To apply, please email Guillaume with your motivation, CV, and briefly describe your relevant experience (i.e. with machine learning, software engineering, etc.).

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