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This page contains the database of possible research projects for master and bachelor students in the Biorobotics Laboratory (BioRob). Visiting students are also welcome to join BioRob, but it should be noted that no funding is offered for those projects. To enroll for a project, please directly contact one of the assistants (directly in his/her office, by phone or by mail). Spontaneous propositions for projects are also welcome, if they are related to the research topics of BioRob, see the BioRob Research pages and the results of previous student projects.

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Amphibious robotics
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Amphibious robotics

609 – Refactoring code base for control of amphibious robots
Category:semester project, internship
Keywords:C++, Computer Science, Control, Electronics, Linux, Programming
Type:10% hardware, 90% software
Responsible: (MED 1 1215, phone: 32602)
Description:The EPFL Biorobotics Lab (BIOROB) operates several robots on a control framework developed over several years. The latest iteration involves an amphibious, sprawling-gait robot intended for locomotion both in water and on land. The aim of this project is to refactor the functioning code base to improve usability and readability. Specifically, we aim to separate the general control framework from specific instance of the running robot and extensively document classes using Doxygen comments. Good knowledge of UNIX-like environments (e.g. Linux) and good C++ skills are a requirement. Previous experience with mechatronics projects and/or robotics is a plus. Applicants able to provide examples of past programming projects are strongly preferred. Code base located at:

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578 – Implementation of an optimization framework
Category:master project (full-time)
Keywords:C++, Computer Science, Linux, Programming
Type:100% software
Responsible: (MED 1 1025, phone: 36630)

The EPFL biorobotics lab (BIOROB) has several servers that are used as computation nodes to run simulations. Currently, we use a custom optimization framework that allows users to easily distribute simulations (mainly running on Webots) on the nodes and to collect the results. The aim of this project is to (a) explore and document how to deploy SLURM (or a similar open-source well-maintained job scheduler) on such a setup, and to (b) implement an extensible optimization framework (in C/C++, with bindings at least for Python) capable of doing what our current setup can do, but on the top of SLURM.

Good knowledge of UNIX-like environments (e.g. Linux) and good C++ skills are a requirement. Previous experience with job schedulers and/or optimization (e.g. particle swarm optimization) is a plus.

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