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The "Salamander Applet" project

Neuromecanical simulation of a salamander in its vivarium.

The purpose of this project is to show how (on a 3d Java model) a network of neurons and the laws of mechanics can reproduce the movements of a salamander with a behaviour close to reality.

The 3D engine used is idx3d which contains several bugs, including the slow speed and the problems of posting.

You can download my project report.

The simulation

The applet was tested and functions on:

-Microsoft Explorer (JVM 1.4)

-Netscape 4.8 (JVM 1.1.5)

-Netscape on Sun Solaris

-Mozilla under Linux

Here is a light version where it is possible to see the relatively fluid 3d. The body of the salamander was simplified by spheres, moreover, the ground and water were removed

To launch simulation, click on the green button.
If you do not see a green button, activate the virtual machine of your navigator.

This version is the same as that above except that ground and water are now included. Because of the bugs caused by the 3D engine, posting is somewhat risky here.

If you have proposals or detect any bugs, kindly e-mail me (Stephan Singh).