Biorobotics Laboratory BioRob


(Semester project 2003/2004)


Judoka Project

Judoka robot

The aim of this project is to provide several classes managing the motion and the localization of a humanoid robot.

The Motion class controls the displacements of the robot. Walking, rotation, defence and attack are the main functions available. It's also possible to add a new movements, using the SMOOTH class.

The Localization classe gives the position of the robot on the tatami, using the camera picture. You can choose if the robot makes a scanning of its environment or if it must analyse only one picture. It's important to notice that a corner of the tatami must appear on the picture, the position is compute with the distance between the robot and the edges shown show in the picture.

This classes are use mainly for the Judoka constest organised by Cyberbotics.


Webview animations

You can see some motions provide by the classes

Webview allows you to see Webots simulation in real-time. Click here to download.