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Design and construction of an autonomous Modular Robot Unit with Bluetooth and FPGA

Rico Möckel
internship 2004

Modular Robot Unit

Aim of this modular robot project was to construct an autonomous modular robot unit with one degree of freedom and a wireless interface. During this project I was responsible for the development of the electronics, control software, VHDL and Bluetooth Protocols described below.


Movie of a wireless controlled module (1.7MB)

Getting Started User Guide 1.0 (1.2MB) Gives an introduction to how to use YaMoR
Bluetooth Board Reference Guide 1.0 (1.4MB) Describes Bluetooth board
FPGA Board Reference Guide 1.0 (1.4MB) Describes FPGA board
Power Board Reference Guide 1.0 (1.2MB) Describes Power board


The robot module contains the following boards:

To reduce production costs all boards have only two layers.

Bluetooth Board

Main features:

FPGA Board

Main features:

Power Board

Main features: